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When a biracial girl wrote asking for advice on how to deal with persecution as "a half-breed", Nimoy responded that young Vulcans had treated Spock similarly and that she should, as he did, "realize the difference between popularity and true greatness".

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  • After receiving many refusals, Coppola received an opportunity from Premier Pictures Company, a small production company that had invested in a nudie-cutie called The Wide Open Spaces, an erotic western written and directed by Jerry Schafer that had been shelved for more than a year.


They know that even the most beautiful flower will soon wither away without proper care.

  • When he appeared as Spock as of a parade in April 1967, thousands gathered to receive autographs: "They surged forward so quickly that I was terrified someone would be crushed to death; and then they started pressing against the bandstand so hard it began to sway beneath my feet! Retrieved May 25, 2013.

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