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Type of federal return filed is based on your personal tax situation and IRS rules.

  • The bot will look at open reqs, match them to people in the database, and then reach back to see if they want to engage.

  • Getting an HR Chatbot is a no brainer for talent acquisition teams.

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The HR Famous Podcast is a lively conversation dealing with the real-life craziness HR pros deal with every day! These founders and leaders have a clear vision of their future company but they lack the people strategies, systems, tools, and guidance needed to get there.

  • A team, or team-based, organizational structure refers to the business model that functions when groups of employees collaborate on teams towards a shared goal under the direction of one supervisor.

  • There is an increasing need for HR professionals to become more digitally and numerically literate - to acquire the skills necessary to process, produce and leverage digital information to create business value.

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