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Shootyou: I asked to speak to a supervisorAksheron: Yes, 4 times with thisAksheron: And I responded 3 times, won't loop infinitely you: Well i'm a bit shockedyou: that you are basically telling me toyou: goAksheron: Me too.

  • I really need some help with this issue.

  • I want to make clear that you do not need to log in to get in contact with us.

Activision Support

Activision's support page has troubleshooting tips for common issues.

  • What are the different ways I can add friends via the app? After such arrogance, I tried to ask again, yet another GM told me to stop requesting and they're not gonna discuss it with me.

  • I explained to him that i didnt have the code and still could not get in.