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Woman creates fake Tinder profile as a man and assumes it will be 'easy' to get dates

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Come Riconoscere Spam e Truffe su Tinder: 11 Passaggi

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Chinese Tinder Profiles Use Photos of Pretty Girls to Scam “Investors”

Should they do something to avoid that happen? Message 3: Meet Incredible Women - The Easy Way! This is a big red flag.

  • Per di piu i dettagli nella bio possono vestire sede ottimi spunti coi quali incendiare la chat.

  • I asked her to send her the picture with background and she sent me today I googled image searched and no result so far, maybe she used one from chinese social media site.


Fed up in lock down? The scammers are poor.

  • Who sometimes are straight as well, but matching with me because they want friends.

  • Every single girl I swipe yes to has been an instant match.