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A man so sick any little girl would do

Teaching my younger sister about sex and love

I'd like you to get a picture of our nice little family before I tell my story.

  • Because of his surname, he was nicknamed the Flying Fish - an uncustomary mark of recognition which he was thrilled to have emblazoned on his car.

  • There have also been frequent rumours that she is set to divorce her husband Todd, which have always been denied.

My Sexy Little Sister

How can I not bring it up? It seems something in his twisted mind told him that if he did not kill his victim this time, he would be going straight back to jail.

  • I resisted, not knowing why really, just instinctively knowing he shouldn't be doing that.

  • We live in a small community, mostly middle class, but with some working class families thrown in we were one of them.

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